Rimrock Ranch is 400 acres of Colorado mountain valley located southwest of Ft. Collins, Colorado, which is approximately one hour north of Denver. Dr. and Mrs. John V. White (Jack and Beth) and their children, Garrett and Jessica, raise Appaloosa horses for racing and performance.

The ranch is composed of natural grass pastures interspersed among the rocky terrain for which the area is well known. Situated at 6000 feet above sea level, the terrain and altitude combine to create an environment ideal for developing strong individuals. Raised in such an environment, the horses are assured of developing strong bone, excellent feet and good lung capacity.


What got it all started. Dr. White is pictured here showing his first Appaloosa mare Amelia Shirley in a Junior Hunter Class at age 16.

Jack is a large-animal veterinarian and was raised on the East Coast, riding hunters and jumpers. He feels that the early physical environment is most important in the development of a horse that will be able to withstand the rigors of the race track or barrels, team penning, etc. Consequently the ranch’s location, altitude and terrain are very useful toward this end. Young horses, mares and foals and all of the ranch’s riding stock are not kept primarily in stalls or pens but are in pasture most of the time. Being able to exercise, climb hills, and ramble as horses are meant to, combined with good nutrition, benefits the horse’ health, development and conception rate as nothing else can.

The X Factor, a Key to Our Successful Breeding Program

Our philosophy of breeding race horses places a great deal of emphasis on the influence of sprinting Thoroughbred sires with speed from three to five furlongs. Such sires as Three Bars, Azure Te, Pass Em Up, Old Pueblo and Rocket Bar, etc. as well as the quarterhorse sires, Dash for Cash and Easy Jet, whose dams were great sprinting Thoroughbred mares, have had a tremendous influence on speed horses. We will continue to stress quality stallions, quality mares and quality care.

Rimrock Ranch is also the home of Melody Kennels, the well-known Dalmatian show kennel, and Beth is also active in Dalmatian Rescue. As a result, several "Appaloosa" dogs are always available for inspection when you visit the horses!

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